Bigelow Creek Reforestation Plan

Bigelow Creek Reforestation Plan

Our Association has entered a contract with Genesee County Soil & Water Conservation District to clear and replant six acres along the Bigelow Creek Corridor from Griswold Road to the lower parking lot in the Hollow. This contract requires the Association to contribute volunteer labor for 25% of the cost and then the grant funds will cover balance of the costs, basically making this free update to our property.

Phase One requires us to remove down, dead, and unsafe trees within the work zones. We are also required to remove the faux Honeysuckle, various vines and wild rose.  This is where we could use more volunteers for the process.  Not only tree cutters and equipment operators, but we also need people to cut the vines from the live trees, trim and remove the evasives from along the stream bank by hand. We could also use fire tenders for the piles of brush and decaying wood. There is an old saying “we need strong backs and weak minds and will work to strengthen both.” We have regular work crews on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0930 to 4pm. Weekends will be arranged for those who can help too. 

We have Maps of the zones, general direction sheets, and an inventory of hand tools, saws and fuels.  Please contact the main office to volunteer or get further information. We plan to post updates on the progress in current marked zones and future zones, every two weeks. 

During Phase Two, we will be trained by Soil & Water staff, and then assigned to plant up to 220 seedling trees per acre. This will be an excellent opportunity for Boy Scouts, members, campers, and other volunteer groups to adopt a zone and support the Association.  This phase is scheduled for late April, into May, pending weather.

We need your help! There are a lot of trees and brush to be removed so that new trees can be planted in the early Spring. Please review the below Project Directions and Task List and contact the Main Office to sign up.

Further Questions and On Site Direction:

Tim Sweeney 585-269-1055; Doug Landry 585-703-1212; Mike Hammon 315-406-8937.