Camper Winter Storage Rules

Winter Camper Storage Rules

  1. Camper must be unhook from water and electric and unoccupied which will start with the
    3rd Sunday in October and go thru the 3rd Friday in May
  2. Sites need to be cleaned up at the end of the season
  3. Extra tents/ garages need to come down
  4. Proof of insurance & indemnify the Pond not liable for any damage and must sign off
  5. Campers are responsible to winterize their own campers
  6. Camp roads will not be accessible during storage period
  7. Fee for storage period from 3rd Sunday in October to 3rd Friday in May are $150.00
  8. All fees will billed and paid separately in full in advance of storage period starting the 3rd
    Sunday of October and are 100% nonrefundable
  9. For seasonal campers only

Signature of seasonal Pond camper

Signature of Pond Staff
Proof of insurance presented to Pond Staff __
Adopted by the Executive Board on October 11, 2017