Pavilions/Clubhouse Reservations


Reservation Guidelines for Pavilions/Clubhouse

New Starting January 1, 2016: There will be a $25 service charge for the use of the Clubhouse, the Vukman, Ruckle and Pratt shelters, payable and due on the day of your reservation.

The “Vukman” and “Ruckle” shelters and the “Pratt Memorial” pavilion are all able to be reserved.
To reserve one of these shelters, or reserve the Clubhouse, you must submit your request in writing (on-line reservation form, or mailed correspondence).
The request must contain your Name, Address, Telephone number, Email address, the approximate Number of people in your party, the Date requested, Shelter of choice, Nature of your Event, Party size, and Time In and Time Out for all shelters. If possible, it is recommended to also provide alternate dates, and an alternate shelter choice.

The Ruckle and Vukman shelters have a minimum party size of 15.
The Pratt pavilion has a minimum party size of 30.

The Pratt Pavilion and the Clubhouse cannot be reserved on our Open House dates.
The Pratt Pavilion, the Clubhouse, and the Ruckle and Vukman shelters cannot be reserved during Hunting & Fishing Day events.
Requests are honored on a first come, first served basis whether by mail or by our website.
Verbal requests can only be granted during the course of a meeting. Any requests brought to a meeting will be handled last.

Requests are acted upon only at the General Membership (second Friday) and Executive Board (third Wednesday) meetings and must be in our hands prior to those times.

Each year, some members lose out by failing to request early enough to be acted upon prior to your desired date.
If a member fails to show for his/her reservation, the member will be sent a bill for $25.00, unless, a cancellation notice is received at least seven days prior to the event reservation date. (email for cancellation notices or mail a cancellation notice to
Genesee County Fish & Game Protective Association, Inc.,
P.O Box 217, Batavia, NY 14021).

Requests for January of the following year can be made in November or December of the current year.
February requests may be made in December of the current year or January of the following year.
All other requests for March through December of the current year should be submitted no earlier than January 1st.

You will receive a confirmation letter including a guest sign in sheet. Use the sheet to sign in your guests and pay for them that day.


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